Collectors Guides and Books on Art Deco for Australian Buyers

For Australian buyers of Collectors guides and books on Art Deco I recommend Fishpond.  This is a great store, and has over 1000 Art Deco books and Collectors guides listed. 

Their prices are very reasonable, definitely cheaper than regular bookstores.  They also often have secondhand copies of books available.  They offer free shipping on most orders and you can earn yourself credit by recommending friends and writing reviews. 

You can even sell your old books with them. Once I'd bought a book with Fishpond they started regularly sending me money off vouchers.

Click on the books to check out the prices at Fishpond

Art Deco Complete: The Definitive Guide to the Decorative Arts of the 1920s and 1930s
Popular Art Deco
Art Deco 1910-1939

However, I have also done some price comparisons, and it is worth checking out as they are often cheaper even though you have to pay postage. Standard International shipping is very cheap and often only takes about 10 - 14 days.  But even with priority shipping some books are still cheaper than from Australia.  This situation changes depending on the current exchange rate.  So always do a comparison. 

Check out my Decolish Bookstore USA , for a wider range of my Art Deco book choices. Then the click back here to compare prices with Fishpond.

Advice on Buying from Amazon

With Amazon, don't be afraid to go right into the checkout, past where you put in your credit card details until you can see the total order price, and click on the currency converter to get it in Australian Dollars. 

You haven't committed yourself at that point and can exit without buying.  There are also great bargains to be had in used books on although some of the sellers don't ship internationally.  You should always look for the message - International shipping available, so you don't waste time getting to the check out and then finding they won't ship to you. 

Here is what I discovered when I compared prices on three of the most definitive and popular Art Deco books:
All prices in AU$ including shipping:

Art Deco Complete - by Alistair Duncan

AU$112.74 - Brand New from, Shipping 3-6 weeks
(But I got a new one from Amazon marketplace on for only AU$92.73 shipped from the UK!)
AU$145.38 - with Priority Shipping 3-5 Days<br>
AU$149.99 - Fishpond

Art Deco 1910 - 1939 - Charlotte Benton

AU$82.95 Fishpond

Popular Art Deco - Robert Heide, John Gilman
AU$54.20 -  
AU$37.87 - Secondhand like new
AU$49.95 - Fishpond

But this one is cheaper on Fishpond! And it is my all time favourite Art Deco Book. I got it for Christmas and it was my best present!

Art Deco Jewelry: Modernist Masterworks and Their Makers

For lots more of my favourite picks of Collectors Guides and books on Art Deco, go to my

Decolish Bookstore USA  or 

Decolish Bookstore UK

Then click back here and compare prices on ´╗┐Fishpond´╗┐. That way you'll get the best possible deals.

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