Art Deco Dealers - My Secret Favourites on the Net

I have had quite a few favourite Art Deco dealers on the internet over the years. I've enjoyed browsing their wares, and I know that they are high quality and reliable suppliers of the best Art Deco items on the web.

So I'm going to let you into some of my secrets. These sellers are the best suppliers of Art Deco shopping I've come across. Oh, and of course, there is me too! If I've got any of my personal collection up for sale at the moment, you'll find it at the bottom of the page.

Scroll down for my secret suppliers of:

Various high quality Art Deco items

Bakelite Jewelry

Bakelite Radios

Vintage Jewelry

Decodaysgoneby is a store which specialises in high quality Art Deco perfume bottles, glass ornaments, sculpture and figurines. They also usually have a fabulous selection of Art Deco jewelry, especially Czech glass and rhinestones. I could spend a fortune in their store quite happily.

They are based in the Czech Republic. Don't be afraid of buying from overseas. This seller has 100% positive feedback rating and has been selling on Ebay for over 10 years.

Here are their offerings.  The items will be sent to you from the Czech Republic and they post worldwide. Make sure you get a postage quote before bidding.

If you want a really top quality Bakelite Radio - rollerboy76 - here in Australia is the man you need. He took all the lovely pictures on my radios page, and usually has a great selection.

Another favourite of mine, is OHMY!! who sells a lot of vintage Bakelite and other plastic jewelry. She is based in the USA and always has a lot of interesting pieces. Here is a selection from her Ebay Store in the USA:

And don't forget me! I sometimes have some of my private collection up for sale on eBay Australia.  My eBay name is 950lesley.  Check out my 100% Feedback Rating before buying. Not a member yet? Why on earth not? Its so easy. Simply click on the register button at the top left of any listing.


If there's nothing there, just have a click around the Decolish site - you'll soon find something to tickle your fancy!

Well, that's enough divulging of secret Art Deco dealers for now. I'll come back and add some more as I think of them.

Happy Art Deco Shopping!

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