Buying Guide - Tips for Fun and Safe Buying Online

I'd like to share a few of my tips for safe buying online so that you can buy online with confidence.  I have been buying and selling online for a few years now and have had a happy and trouble free experience.

You will find a variety of different buying opportunities on   Most of these are my personal recommendations, but please be aware that they are third parties and Decolish cannot be responsible for the actions of these third party suppliers.   So read on, and learn how to be safe buying online, and have a great buying experience.

Safe Buying Online From Me - 950lesley on Ebay

From time to time, I will direct you to items I currently have on sale on Ebay Australia.  As with any other seller on ebay, check out my feedback. These are just a few of the comments I've had over the years....

"Great communication, super speedy shipment from AU to US----great packing, too!"

"Fantastic Ebayer. Beautiful brooch. Speedy delivery and great communication. +++"

"bracelet damaged and returned. friendly and cheerful refund."

"Very efficient fast friendly service, Very good communication, Excellent seller"

"easiest shopping ever"

"Absolutely beautiful!!!! Love it!!!! Top seller!!! AAA+++"

"lesley is an excellent, trustworthy e-bayer who sells beautiful things!" 

How I love reading my feedback!  What a warm feeling I get inside!

I'm very proud of my 100% feedback score which is situated next to my ebay name (950lesley) towards the top right of the listings.  The number refers to the number of feedback ratings I have received, and the percentage is my score.  100% means that I have had all positive ratings.  In other words, my customers are happy with my service.  I always try to buy from people with a 100% rating. If they are a little lower, but have a high number of ratings, its usually fine too.  If you are in any doubt, click on the feedback score and it takes you to the detailed feedback page.  You can click on the number of any negative comments and read them.  Sometimes a seller is just unlucky and has had a difficult customer.  You can usually read between the lines. 

But, always be wary of buying if a seller has a very low feedback score (less than 100) AND has negative or neutral feedback (less than 99%.)

Please remember if buying from me, that I am in Australia.  Always email to check whether I can ship to your country and for a shipping quote.  The postage prices quoted on my listings are for within Australia only.  I have a 14 day returns policy, but will only refund postage if I have misrepresented an item. 

Safe Buying Online From Others on Ebay

On many of my pages I will recommend my picks of great Art Deco items on sale from other buyers around the world.  I cannot check out all of these, or be responsible for the behaviour of other sellers, but my tips below should help you avoid the pitfalls.  Please read the disclaimer at the base of the listings, and Ebay's safe buying guidelines,  also available through the disclaimer link. 

Tips for Safe Buying Online on Ebay 

Please make sure you take note of which Ebay country you have clicked through to, it may be in Australia, the USA or the UK.

Always check the following on any listing you may be interested in: 

Feedback:  Ideally you want to buy from sellers with 100% feedback rating and a high feedback score - at least 200 sales.  Otherwise, read the feedback carefully and contact the seller with any questions. 

Location:  Make sure you have checked the location of the seller.  Just because you are on Ebay USA, doesn't mean that the seller is always in the USA, for example.  Many sellers list in other countries, so be sure you know where your item will be shipped from.

Shipping Costs:  As above, make sure you know where you item will be shipped from, and the exact cost.  Is insurance and tracking included? 

Insurance and Tracking:  Check whether the item will be registered or insured, and who is responsible if an item goes missing or is damaged.   Do not think you are covered just by paying with Paypal - their conditions state that the item has to be sent with a tracking number.  Check out Paypal's policies

Payment: Paypal is accepted by all sellers on Ebay now,  and is the safest way to pay.  However, unless you ask for registered or postage with a tracking service you will not be covered if the item doesn't arrive.  Sellers often offer various other forms of payment.  Check this before bidding.  These may include Bank deposit or Money orders, or Cash on Delivery.  Make sure the seller accepts a form of payment acceptable to you before bidding. 

Returns Policy:  Does the buyer have a returns policy? And if they do who pays for postage?  Not everyone does, especially if they are selling vintage items.  So check carefully and if its not clear - ask. 

Look Carefully at the Photos and ASK QUESTIONS!  Always look really carefully at the photos.  Do they show every angle?  Is the colour clear?  Is there any damage that might not be visible?  Good sellers always mention any damage,  but if you are in any doubt ASK A QUESTION.  Its often a good idea to make contact with the seller, especially with higher priced items.  Ask some questions, good sellers will send a prompt, polite and informative reply.  If you are not happy with the information provided DON'T BID!!!

Don't Bid Unless You are Serious!
Nothing annoys a seller more than bidders who win an item and don't pay.  Sellers are no longer allowed to leave negative feedback for a buyer, but if you are new to ebay and want to gain a trustworthy reputation, be aware that if you don't pay promptly, you may get blocked from bidding on that seller's items in the future, and no feedback will be left.  If you have a geniune problem, most sellers are sympathetic and happy to help so COMMUNICATE!

COMMUNICATE:  Keep in touch with your seller.  If you are a bit delayed, or can't pay for any reason, or want to continue buying, drop an email, ask for combined postage, but above all, communicate.  That's what makes Ebay the great place it is.  You might even make some friends, and its great to build up a relationship with a seller you like and trust and the sellers love it too.

Not a member of Ebay yet?  Joining is free and easy.  Click on the box below and it will take you to your local ebay site:

Safe Buying Online From Art.Com

Decolish is partnered with, which offers the world’s largest online selection of posters, art and decor for homes and businesses, as well as professional custom framing and mounting services – all at great prices.  They have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day return policy.  They are based in the USA, so make sure you check out their international shipping and returns policy if you are outside the USA. 

Most of their posters are available in different qualities, sizes and prices, so do a search for the title and see what versions are available of a particular image. 

Click on their product information page for all the details.  Let me know through my contact page how you get on and whether you are happy with your purchase if you buy from them.  I would value your feedback as I only want to offer my site visitors the best of Art Deco on the web.

Search for your favourite Art Deco poster, by subject, artist or title:


Safe Buying Online through Google Ads

You will see some links which are Google Ads.  Decolish sells space to Google who put relevant ads into that space.  Decolish has very limited control over which ads appear, so please do check out carefully the Terms and Conditions of any retailer you access through Google Ads, and read the Decolish Privacy Policy.

Check out the advice for buying on Ebay above as much of it applies for buying from anyone online.  I am unable to assist in any dispute which may arise with third parties accessed through Google Ads, but please do let me know if there is any Ad which causes trouble or offends through my Contact Page and I'll try and make sure that particular Ad does not appear in the future. 

Safe Buying Online from Decolish Bookstores

Decolish now has three bookstores.  Two are supplied from Amazon USA and Amazon UK and one by in Australia.  I have personally bought books from all of these and had excellent service.  Be aware that particularly on Amazon, if you buy secondhand, most of the books are supplied by third parties. 

So be sure to check out the feedback rating of any individual supplier, and check the shipping costs and conditions carefully.  Even on Fishpond Books in Australia, some orders may be shipped from other countries if they do not have the book in stock themselves.  However, I've always received my books in good time and their estimates of shipping times are generally accurate.  All of these stores offer the largest range of Art Deco books I have found and at the best prices around.

Happy Safe Buying Online from Decolish!

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