Need some input on recent art deco lighting purchase!

by Dave
(Northern Nevada/ USA)

Art Deco Glass Shade

Art Deco Glass Shade

Art Deco Glass Shade
Detail Art Deco shade
Art Deco Light
Art Deco Wall Lighting

Hi, I am new here and need some advice/ help and maybe even a value on some lighting. I bought some art deco (I think) era lighting this week. I will attach some pics if possible as I am at work and not sure how it will come out. However I only have a few bad pics at this time, until my weekend which starts tomorrow and I can post some more.

I bought four hanging what I would call tier lights that stage down in size. I will post pics of the globes but don't have pics of the stems and mounts on my phone. However the hangers are two piece and can bend at any angle in the middle. The hangers are brass and approx a 3 ft and 2 foot piece to hang from a tall ceiling, probably originally in a church. I say church because the globes have a cross on each rounded section. I was guessing 20s, 30s??

I also bought four other lights that look like they wall mount that have very ornate brass frames and 1/4 round glass in shape. I have not even taken a close look at these yet and the pics dont show the main glass which is in boxes dated back to 1961 when the stuff was stored.

In any case, I am a total novice. I restore old hotrod related era cars, gas pumps, coke machines and more. I bought the lights/ globes lights to use in a build someday when I move from Northern Nevada to 175 acres I have in Idaho and put them in a pole barn style home that will have high ceilings.

Any idea on a maker, as I dont see a company name and any idea on a value so I know if I got hurt on the purchase?


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May 25, 2011
What a super buy!
by: Lesley from Decolish

They look gorgeous. I would have bought them! They look typical 1930s to me. Especially the stepped shape ones. That is such a typical deco shape. The wall mounted ones could be 20s or 30s too I think. The only doubt is whether they are 60s repros, as there was a big deco revival in the 1960s. But they look pretty authentic to me from what you can see in a photo. Its always so hard to tell without holding them in your hand. Either way, they are very commercial and desirable.

Its hard to tell how big they are, but from the one with your hand in, I imagine the hanging ones are pretty large especially if they have such long hangers. I've just seen some hanging glass chandeliers on Ebay USA for about $125 each, but the shape was different. I would keep an eye on the Ebay USA listings on My Art Deco lighting page as you never know, you might see something similar listed. I always think that if they are worth what you paid to you, they will be worth that to someone else. And these will only go up in value in the future.

I'm in Australia, so our prices would be different, and I haven't really seen anything similar over here. Let's hope you get some comments from our USA readers. I'll keep my eye open when I'm leafing through my Art Deco books and magazines and see if I spot anything similar too.

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