Art Deco Wedding Cake - Book Early or Learn to Make Your Own?

Black and White Art Deco wedding cake

An Art Deco Wedding Cake really puts the "icing on the cake" of your fabulous themed wedding reception. 

Choose a fabulous Art Deco venue, maybe you have a superb 1920s or 30s hotel or restaurant you can hire, book the jazz band, and display a stylish cake to impress your guests.  There you have the basics for a really memorable day.

You can be inspired by pretty much any Art Deco image you like.  Choose an geometric shape and add some colourful stripes or parallel lines. Maybe adorn it with a cocktail glass, or a glass Deco figurine, or even a Lalique style car mascot.  Go wild with your imagination!

Wedding Cake Filling

And what about the filling?  Traditionally, a wedding cake would be a fruit cake with marzipan and white icing.  But today, anything goes.  Your favourite might be chocolate, or madeira. 

Some people even go for huge towers of cup cakes these days.  It would be fun to do square or geometric shaped cupcakes to get a Decolicious effect!  

Make sure you book your cake early as they are a lot of work and take lots of time.  Take some photos along to your favourite cake maker to show them what sort of thing you are looking for.

Learn to Make Your Own Art Deco Wedding Cake

Cake Design Made Simple: Art Deco with Lindy Smith

Imagine how proud you'd be and how impressed your guests if you could say you made your own cake.  Well, it's now possible with this special online course by Lindy Smith.  She loves Art Deco and has been inspired to create this easy 10 part course teaching you how to make the most incredible Gatsby style cakes. 

Click on the image to find out more. . . .

If you make one, do come back and show off on your own Decolish page where you can upload photos and tell us about your wedding.  Can't wait to see your creativity!

Share your fabulous Wedding Cake here....

Did you have a wonderful Art Deco wedding cake, or have you made one for someone else? Why not brag about it here. Let's see who can show off the best design in Art Deco cakes. You can receive comments here too, so lets get cooking!

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