Art Deco Napier Video Selections from 2016

I hope you enjoy my video snippets from Art Deco Napier in 2016.  We had a wonderful time as you can see from the songs and dances, the costumes and the incredible atmosphere in the streets. 

Some great moments from the Art Deco Festival in 2016

Look out for Charlie Chaplin at the Depression Dinner!  Also starring some cute children and a lost hat, vintage cars, and an incredible shot of the vintage air show. 

Dancers Showcase at Napier 2016

Enjoy these snippets of dance from the best of 1920s inspired theatre musicals - Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Boyfriend and more.  Even some old fashioned bathing suits! 

Dancing to the Big Band at the Shell Theatre

If you look carefully you'll spot me and my mother strutting our stuff!  Also look out for the Miss Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor lookalikes at minute 1.30 and at the end.  Some great numbers, including Charleston of course. 

Art Deco Napier Air Show 2016

Although there is a snippet in one of the videos above, I couldn't resist putting the whole clip of the air show here.  I was so proud I actually managed to capture it in that big blue sky!  The light glinting off the wings and the colours were stunning. 

Read more about the Art Deco Napier Weekend and next year's dates here. 

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