Art Deco Wedding Invitations

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Wow your friends and relatives with  stylish Art Deco Wedding Invitations.

People will love to receive your unique personalised invitations  in a chic Art Deco design.  Get your guests in the mood for a great wedding, and encourage them to dress the part.  Choose invitations with 1920s jazzy typefaces, Art Deco fashion and music themes.  

Don't forget to order your invitations in plenty of time, so that you can get them out early.  Allow a couple of weeks for delivery, and give yourself time to get organised with all the names and addresses you'll need.  These things always take longer than you expect!  Especially if you get into that endless debate about who to invite and who not to invite! 

Check out some of the great designs at Zazzle below.  There's lots more to choose from, I've just put a few of my favourites here.  You can get a whole range of matching items, and customise your own invitations, and envelopes.  You can even get specially customised wedding postage stamps. 

Why not hold a shower and have matching invitations for that? 

What about your hen night – a "dress up as a flapper night" at your local jazz club?

You can customise all of the wide range of invitations available on Zazzle with your own personal text!

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Want to make your own invitations?

Etsy has a surprisingly good range of Art Deco furniture, interior decor, art and prints, 1920s and 1930s fashion, accessories, jewellery and Bakelite.  Click the banner to explore.  

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