Roaring 20s give me a Roaring feeling

by Flora
(Portland, Or, USA)

1920s Dress

1920s Dress

1920s Dress
Roaring Twenties Dress
Cloche Hat
1920s Flapper Dress

When I was growing up and saw ladies wearing vintage garb I never knew what I was looking at or how to describe their "look." Now that I am older I know that the ladies I admired were wearing mostly 1920s-40s garb and hairstyles.

In my hunt to recreate some of the looks I have had an easy time getting the hair but the clothes are harder to recreate. Hence my love of vintage clothing especially dresses and cardigans. It is always a feeling of ecstasy to find a great buy in the vintage shopping world.

I have some luck here locally in Oregon but I also have a lot of fun online. My favorite site due to their huge vintage inventory is But I also really love to check out all the vintage blogs and of course the new sensation Pinterest.

I attached a few pictures of things I am saving up for from Monster Vintage.

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