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Your stories can be shared here with other readers, and we can all share our obsession together! Share information, tips, and experience and we can all learn something from each other.  I'll go first - here's a story about the brooch below which I got really carried away with......

Art Deco Brooch in Steel with Pink Stone

Have you ever got carried away at auction and paid too much for something?

That's what happened to me when I bought this gorgeous brooch.  It's not silver, or platinum, it's probably steel, and has a glass stone.  But the shape is just so typical Art Deco I couldn't resist it.  Unfortunately, someone else in the auction couldn't either.  It just kept going up and up.  But, I thought, if someone else likes it so much too, it must be worth it.  So $140 plus commission later.  Ouch. 

But never mind, its photo has graced the pages of Decolish for a long time now, so it's done its service.  Though I haven't actually worn it yet.  I'd really better buy a new outfit to match it next!!!

Do you have a jewelry story to share?

Jewelry is such a sentimental thing, that we often have special memories attached to our favourite pieces, or we bought them on a memorable occasion or at a beautiful place.

Have you splashed out on a fabulous piece of Art Deco Jewelry?  Or did you get the bargain of the century?  Maybe you inherited a special jewel from your grandmother or aunt, and it has special sentimental value?  Or perhaps you found something amazing in a yard sale or auction?

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