Art Deco Citrine Jewelry

by Marta
(Toronto, Canada)

Silver and Citrine Art Deco Brooch

Silver and Citrine Art Deco Brooch

Citrine is a rare type of quartz crystal that is pale yellow in colour. It's incredibly hard to find in nature - the Citrine that we most commonly see in jewelry has been heat treated. The artificially created Citrine is a deeper yellow, almost closer to an amber or orange. The only exception is natural Madeira Citrine, which is a beautiful deep, honey-yellow colour. Citrine is one of the most valuable types of Quartz and it's my absolute favourite gemstone.

It's such a cheerful, sunny stone - it brings me happiness just to look at it. In mythology it is associated with warding off negativity, energizing the body and spirit, promoting creativity and bringing prosperity to anyone who wears it. I absolutely love it.

And as a lover of Art Deco Jewelry, I was delighted to come across this gorgeous Silver and Citrine Art Deco Brooch. I saved the picture on my computer years ago and I can't seem to locate the original source. It must have been up for sale on some online auction. It's probably long gone by now and I regret not buying it then and there. If anyone comes across it, please let me know! LOL

Lesley - Fantastic site by the way. I come here a lot for inspiration! Keep up the good work!

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Nov 19, 2011
Geometric Art Deco
by: Lesley at Decolish

Thank you Marta for that wonderful photo. Its my favourite style of Art Deco, the really strong geometric shape and bold colours. I didn't know anything about Citrine, so you have taught me a lot.

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