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The Art Deco Bathroom was a place where the rich could really indulge a passion for glamour.

Art Deco bathroom in Leura

This room is in Everglades House in Leura, in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.  It is in a wonderful pale orange and cream swirled tile throughout the whole room including the huge sunken spa bath.  The absolute height of luxury.

Everglades Bathroom, a huge peach coloured bath

This was specially designed just for the lady of the house, and there is another just for the man which is in a deeper orange with black accents.  The man's bathroom has an incredible one person steam cupboard that you would sit in, and they thought it would help you lose weight. 

Man's Art Deco bathroomPhoto by Melinda Sheldon

Best Art Deco Bathrooms in the World

Some of the best examples could be found in the most well-known Art Deco buildings, such as Radio City Hall where the men's room has a black floor punctuated with white dots, black walls with just the porcelain in white.  (Note I did not go in there, but have relied on photos!). 

Even in Sydney, there are some amazing bathrooms in the Queen Victoria Building with a long row of white ball lamps on columns above a series of chrome mirrors.   

Hotels, cinemas and restaurants could impress their clients with the most stylish and chic Art Deco bathrooms.  Bright colours such as orange and green clashed with chrome, mirrors and black and white marble.  Tiles were a fantastic way of getting jazzy geometric borders, and the floors were often checker board style with big black and white squares. 

Pale green was also very popular for both tiles and fittings, it went beautifully with a black border.  A change from the constant white we see today.

Green Art Deco Sink

Why not give your smallest room an Art Deco makeover?  Start with a geometric tile border, a jazzy mirror and maybe finish it off with some stylish lighting.

Need some more design ideas?  Have a look at our Interior Design pages!   

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