Art Deco Cufflinks

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Art Deco Cufflinks

One of the few items of jewelry that a man has to choose from, Art Deco cufflinks make an individual statement. 

Cufflinks date back to the 17th Century, where they replaced ribbons or cord to keep cuffs together.  In the 1920s and 30s, the main style was the snap cufflink, which had two parts, and could be used when sleeves were rolled up during the day.  Other types are the barbell, the pivot link, the bean back or the wrap around.  

Nowadays cufflinks are a great collectable, small and easy to display and highly wearable. 

Makers such as Tiffany and Cartier made the best cufflinks in the Art Deco era.  Look for the typical geometric forms, with colourful enamels or engine turned patterns. 

Gold or silver are the highest quality with precious stones, but there are many in other materials such as Bakelite, chrome or steel which are equally stylish.

Green bakelite cufflinks

Cufflinks for Women

Even women are wearing them today - a crisp white double cuff shirt, with a subtle, good quality pair of cufflinks can not be beaten for a smart city look.  Lots of women wear cufflinks with a lovely man's vintage shirt or a pretty blouse. 

You can even convert them to earrings or a brooch.  Or use them in your own creations.  I've seen some amazing cufflink bracelets, and I'm thinking of trying to make some myself! 

How to Choose Art Deco Cufflinks

Try and go for genuine vintage cufflinks, they will keep their value better than the mass produced reproductions available today and they'll go wonderfully with a 1930s fashion statement! 

Condition is everything.  Buy the best quality you can and they will keep their value.  Designer names are good to have too.  If a piece is signed it will be worth more.  One of the more popular vintage designers was SWANK.  Some just have a patent number or Made in England.  The most important thing is just to buy what you like best!

art deco style cufflinks

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