Flapper Dresses Have Never Gone out of Fashion!

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Flapper dresses are one of the most popular dress styles of all time and are still worn today. Possibly inspired by Coco Chanel's obsession with simplicity and a boyish flat chested look, this dress was the essential wardrobe item for the modern 1920s woman about town. 

Flapper Dress with Long BeadsA timeless addition to any wardrobe!

Straight up and down, low waisted and with shorter hems than anyone had seen before, these garments were a revolution in the 1920s after the Victorian fashions which had come before.

Light chiffon materials which moved beautifully for dancing the the Charleston, beads and tassels which glittered and shimmered in the lights of the dance floor.  Hems would often have jagged edges, and show a little bit of stocking which may be rolled down to the knee. 

Dancing the Charlston - Cover of Life Magazine PrintShowing a bit of stocking while dancing the Charleston - Buy Print Now

Coupled with a beaded cloche, turban or headband, a mesh purse hanging from the wrist, a cigarette holder and brash red lipstick, a girl was ready for anything. 

Young Lady in Evening Dress by Jeanne LanvinLady in Evening Dress with Beaded Cloche and Mesh Purse by Jeanne Lanvin. Buy Now

How to Accessorise
Flapper Dresses

I have one of those extra wide bangles that were worn on the upper part of the arm.  It was my grandmother's and I wondered for a long time why it was so wide, until my mother explained.

I remember, after that, dressing up as a 1920s girl with a headband and a feather and that big bangle. It's still in my jewelry box, cheap metal and worthless, but priceless to me.

Flapper with Arm BangleFlapper with Arm Bangle

A set of long beads in the bright new modern colours of Bakelite and often a whole arm full of bangles completed the look.

The flappers of the 1920s were the trend setters of the day.  Often criticised by their elders for their behaviour, they will always be remembered for pushing the boundaries for women, and showing us all how to have a damn good time! 

Even today putting on a shimmering, tassel or bead covered dress can't fail to have you looking like the bee's knees! 

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